Your Gifts Count!

Did you know that Last Harvest is an incredibly powerful ministry that for the last 30 years served over 5 million visitors and set free 36,000 clients and pumped 4.5 million referrals to 1000 pregnancy centers! How?

As an online agency we produced 800 websites over the past 20 years. 50 of these were for this mission. Our own sites have brought literally thousand of hits to each of those sites allowing us to reach around the world to 145 nations!

To be able to continue to serve, we depend upon the love gifts, the donations and the gifts in kind of people from around the country that care about this type of ministry.

We are a ministry that serves four key missions: Your gifts count toward the saving of the unborn through instant referrals to the nearest pregnancy resource center, the setting of the captives free with live and online Biblically -based recovery, the strengthening the local center through weekly coaching and webcasts and by providing low cost professional websites and hosting and finally, evangelism through a daily devotionals.

Please look at our support our methods message missions page

and choose one of our four missions to support! We need your support! We need your support desperately! We need your support today, not tomorrow! We need you!

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