As we look at the past year in review, we are simply amazed at the wonderful increased results of a ministry birthed thirty-five years ago.

Here’s what we have seen God do these past 12 months:

1. Visitors: We saw over 75,000 visit and view more than 346,789 page views. This means an average visitor views eight or more pages while here. As you look further, you notice that over 5,681,200 souls have been touched, served, helped, and encouraged by this mission-based org.

YET: not one donor stood with this year!

All of this has been barely supported with less than $0 per month! Imagine what we could do if every visitor contributed even $5 or $10 toward this mission?
Please before you leave, let us change the outcome in 2018 as we rush into 2019! MAKE A GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION NOW!

The FRUIT of this ministry’s network of websites

INSTANT REFERRALS to 1,170 pregnancy centers in the United States and Canada and now South Africa! resulted in 3,005,825 page views which yielded over 195,000,00 referrals or 40,313 every week. That is a potential estimate, with a 50% conservative estimate, 19,156 babies saved from abortion every week. resulted in 177,150 page views, which yielded over 75,082 referrals or 901 every week. This is a potential saving of 245 babies from abortion using a very conservative estimate of 35% who changed their mind.

SETTING THE CAPTIVES FREE FROM THE PAID OF ABORTION free recovery course, 14,568 women have used our online course, My Healing Choice for Women. Free recovery course, 2,400 men have used our online course, My Healing Choice for Men.

Thus, our total for this past year, 16,968 hurting souls have been set free.

SERVING THE LOCAL CENTER has seen 3,321 women take the course for women, and 941 men have taken the course for men. Thus, we have trained 3,662 men and women in the past year to lead recovery support groups at their local center. has seen 4,210 women and men visit one of the six available training courses for Board members, Executive Directors, Client Directors, Volunteers and Church liaisons trained. has seen 165,205 donors visit to make donations to 1,170 available centers.

EVANGELIZING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST our daily devotional has been seen by 7793 individuals and the mp3 files have been downloaded by 348 radio stations. has had over 8,932 visit to listen to worship, Bible study archives and access Live Prayer 24/7.

Between Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Social Media allows us to share a daily Facebook Live television report called A Word of Hope to almost 3000 ‘friends’.