Why People Don’t Give to a Christian Ministry

Several research groups including The Barna Group have reported a decreasing trend in church giving during recent years. Surveys show that the practice of tithing has become uncommon among American Christians today. In this 2005 update on “Why People Do Not Give More,” the Barna Group’s director,

George Barna, said the declining trend in giving to churches is influenced by five factors. In 2013, the question “Why People don’t give to Christian ministries” is on the minds of even more ministry leaders.

I’ve summarized those factors below,

What Does the Bible Say About Giving? is another post and it is an article that answers the question so that you can better understand what your role and responsibility is to be with any Christian organization that you are connected with.

Why People Do Not Give

Lack of motivation. The church hasn’t shown that it will make a difference in the world.
An inability to see sufficient return on their investment.
An inability to see that the church needs money to be effective.
An ignorance as to what the Bible teaches about giving.

Think about these five factors and then pray.

Do you agree that you lack any motivation to give to a ministry like Last Harvest Ministries, Inc. because you don’t think we are making a difference in the world? Is it that you have not read over our results and accomplishments over the thirty years we have been operating?

Do you feel that you won’t get a sufficient return on your investment? If you believe that, it suggests that you have not heard that what the Bible says about the tithe. About blessings being poured out upon your coming and going. How can you measure a few dollars invested against a life of blessings?

Do you believe the church needs money to be effective? Do you not understand that the web is not free? Hosting, bandwidth, editing, software, computers on which to build all the things you see and hear all cost money. Property taxes, insurance, telephone, third-party services cost money. In fact, to manage this ministry’s fourty-eight(48) website outreach and cover all our costs, we have a monthly budget of $2,000 before any profit or salary or benefit can be paid. If everyone thinks because we have all of these sites we are wealthy, they don’t know that behind the scenes we have barely two active regular donors and cover most of these costs out-of-pocket. Is this what we should be doing?

Do you know what the Bible says about giving? Do you know what a tithe is? Do you understand the principle of the third year tithe? What does the Bible say about the giver? Do you know what God says about those who rob Him? How do we rob Him? Think about it. Then, give from your heart.

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