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Last Harvest – the Outreach is proud to serve as your philanthropic partner. Like you, we care deeply about improving the quality of life in the United States and Canada. We value your support, your ideas and your passion for giving. Helping you achieve your unique vision for giving is one of our top priorities.

As always, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your plans for giving with you. As experts in local philanthropy, we can help inform you about effective mission organizations and key community needs and issues. We are here to support you in making strategic decisions about your giving to create the most positive impact in the community.


You have a variety of options for funding your charitable fund. Your fund can accept many types of assets, from securities to antiques to real estate. Whether you want to give now, or give in the future through your estate, your fund can help you achieve your giving goals.

Last Harvest-the Outreach invites you to make a difference through any or all of our fine, life affirming missions – Choose one or more campaigns!

Make Your Non-Deductible Contribution Now!

Make a Difference: #1 Save the Unborn


By serving women with instant referrals to local centers we save the unborn on which is fed by The Pregnancy Test, our online pregnancy calculation test!

Visitors from the Internet find instant contact info and means to request an appointment, send an email or call the center nearest them. Instant help means saved lives. The Goal of this campaign is to raise the funds to establish live telephone support for our referral system.

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Make a Difference: #2 Set the Captives Free

I am Free the results of FREE ME TO LIVE

Setting the captives free with Biblical Recovery Support!

Through FREE ME TO LIVE and My Healing Choice , we are helping men and women overcome life-dominating issues such as abortion, rape, incest and abuses. Thank you for caring enough to help us help others! The goal of this campaign is to be able to undertake writing the all new version of recovery long overdue!

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Make A Difference: #3 Serve the Local Center

lifesavers are what we are called as we share weekly advisory reports by video

Supporting, promoting, training local pregnancy resource centers!

The local pregnancy resource center is where all of the help takes place. Thus, it is our priority to help the directors grow and be stronger. We use weekly video webcasts, information-filled websites and one-to-one coaching/mentoring. Further, our fund raising and donor activating sites help their funding. Become an Advocate of Life a weekly video webcast to about 700 pregnancy centers nationwide. an advocacy program promoting funding of local centers. an online training distance learning course for leadership in small groups. an online training distance learning course for Male leadership serving other men in small groups. a search engine to find a center.
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Make a Difference: #4 Share the Gospel

bible study and worship designed to reach the lost for Jesus Christ

Sharing Jesus with a dying world through weekly Bible Studies!

This mission is core to everything we do. Of all the campaigns this one is critically important. We live in a world growing darker by the minute.Thus, the new radio public service announcement called “A WORD OF HOPE” will help us reach the hopeless and hurting mroe. We need to be able to do our work better, more efficiently. The purpose of this campaign is to help fund the expansion of new equipment and personnel who can help us do the mission better and reach more people for Jesus Christ!


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Help us make a difference in this world we live in!

Other ways to Make A Real Difference with your contributions:

Make a Difference: Single or Monthly Contributions

Every gift helps us serve our community with more of our high-impact, result producing missions.

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Make a Difference: Gifts in Kind

Last Harvest-the Outreach will be happy to receive your boat, car, truck, motorcycle or other forms of gifts in kind. Every gift can be transformed into life-changing help. Additionally, we are always in need of laptops, computers, video cameras, lighting equipment and more. Remember, that gives to this organization are non-deductible gifts.

Make a gift of any size one time!

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Make a Difference: Charitable Bequest

Many charitably-minded people have arranged for a future gift to Last Harvest- the Outreach in Garland, Texas, by remembering the organization in their will or trust. There are many alternatives which will allow you to adequately provide for your family and also include Open Arms in your estate planning. Whether you are in the process of creating or updating your estate documents, you may include Last Harvest the Outreach in Garland, Texas, in your planning. There are many ways to leave a charitable contribution (life insurance proceeds, gifts of stock or other appreciated assets, real estate). Your will is just one of many planned giving vehicles. Contact your attorney, tax or financial advisor to determine how you can fulfill your philanthropic goals. For samples of wording that you may include in your will, please see the samples below:

Specific Bequest:
I give and bequeath to Last Harvest the Outreach in Garland, Texas, the sum of $______________ to be used for the general purposes of the Ministry.

Percentage Bequest:
I give and bequeath to Last Harvest the Outreach in Garland, Texas,_______________ percent of my estate to be used for the general purposes of the Ministry.

Residuary Bequest:
I give and bequeath to Last Harvest the Outreach in Garland, Texas, the rest, residue and remainder of my estate to be used for the general purposes of the Ministry.

Contingent Bequest:
In the event that any of the above-named beneficiaries shall not survive me, or shall die during the administration of my estate, within ninety (90) days from the date of my death, or as a result of a common disaster, then I give and bequeath that beneficiary’s share of my estate to Last Harvest the Outreach in Garland, Texas, to be used for the general purposes of the Ministry.

Note: This is not a legal document, but is provided to assist you in knowing what options are available to you. For further information and clarification, please consult your attorney. Remember, all gifts to Last Harvest the Outreach are non-deductible.

Make a Gift through How You Sell Your Real estate

Real Estate for LIFE

Buying/Selling a Home or Commercial Property?
(At no cost, you can help your Gospel of Life mission!)
When a $300,000 home closes, LAST HARVEST will receive approx. $2,000 because you called my friends at
Spanning most nations worldwide, their network of agents is experienced and has a proven track record.
In addition, these agents are committed to upholding the Gospel of LIFE!

Not in the market right now?

Ways to promote your Ministry include:
Telling friends, placing flyers in local churches, and posting on any social media network.

Pass this on, God Bless
For more information contact Real Estate for Life


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