She was only seventeen

She thought it was going to be fun!


“Jamie” had been an active teenage girl at school and at her church. What was supposed to be a fun time with her friends turned out to be her nightmare.

Friends had invited some college boys to the party. There were drugs and alcohol. Someone gave her a drink laced with a drug that allowed them to rape her.

Though her memory was cloudy, her life suddenly turned for the worst. She found out a few weeks later that she was pregnant. Her step-dad and mother demanded she have an abortion. Thus, on a Saturday morning in May, when other kids were preparing for graduation, she was at an abortion clinic all alone. The abortion shattered her soul.

Last Harvest – The Outreach’s My Healing Choice site came up on her smart phone when she searched “help after an abortion.” This scenario is repeated day after day. The pain is so deep they can’t sleep, can’t get past the haunting memory. They feel hopeless.

This is where Last Harvest-The Outreach comes into the picture. Through our powerfully encouraging Bible study based recovery course which is online and free for her to use at her own pace. She can access it on her phone, her tablet or a desktop computer. She can find hope right where she is from the privacy of her dorm room or home.

Because of this in-depth recovery course, based on our workbook, FREE ME TO LIVE, we watch the broken, hurting ones like “Jamie” find hope!

Won’t you help us continue making a difference in their hurting lives?


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