Our Mission: Setting the Captives Free After Abortion!

Post-Abortion Recovery Support Setting the Captives Free!  We set the captives free by engaging and connecting with the hurting women, man or extended family member who may be emotionally or spiritually damaged by the abortion or related events.

Last Harvest-the Outreach helped pioneer after abortion recovery with the publishing of Healing the Hurts of Abortion and holding our first public support group the same year as Women in Ramah was written and Linda Cochran started her first public support group. View: our History (Learn More about the History of After Abortion Recovery and setting the captives free within Local Pregnancy Resource Centers)

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Our courses (for Women and for Men) are both gender and issues neutral which means we serve the whole person. Related events seen in recovery include abortion, rape, date rape, marriage-rape, incest, childhood sexual molestation, abuses such as physical, emotional, verbal, spiritual abuse and other addictive behaviors such as cutting one’s self, eating disorders, gender-identity-disorder (GID) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

Our courses are powerful at setting the captives free! Focusing on MEN needing help, two sites have been created specifically to further the recovery work for men and for women.

By connecting with these hurting individuals, we can point them to instant recovery support online or to a local support group within their hometown. This way, even if they never come back to us, we know there is a strong likelihood that the local center will likewise be involved in setting the captives free in his or her own hometown. Together, we co-labor to enable setting the captives free!
We strategically use these websites to reach the after abortion individual right where she is:

These  strategic niche websites help us serve the Christian recovery population with hope, help and healing from life-dominating issues such as abortion, rape, incest and abuse. This outreach has helped over 35,000 to overcome their hurts since 1987 when the ministry published our first model of recovery, “Healing the Hurts of Abortion” and subsequently published our expanded version,“FREE ME TO LIVE!”