The ministry of Last Harvest-the Outreach has been serving full-time since 1984 with a consistent mission, proven methods and a powerful message.

Learn about our mission-methods-message that has consistently been used to make a difference in our world!

The Mission of Last Harvest-the Outreach

The mission of LAST HARVEST TGE OUTREACH spans four targeted niches.

Each one specifically targets the promulgation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and thus the defeat of death demons of BAAL and Molech.

1. Promulgating the Gospel of Jesus Christ (EVANGELISM)

Every publication every post every training is based on the proven Word of God.

2. Providing practical help and hope to women in crisis (SAVE THE UNBORN)

By referring to local pregnancy centers throughout the United States and Canada currently, We provide life-saving links, data posts and referrals saving 800 unborn babies from the abortion demons every week.

This past year 4.2 million visited our member’s detail pages.

3. Offering hope to the hurting (SETTING THE CAPTIVES FREE)

We bring hope and healing to the broken hearts of abortion, rape, incest, and abuses by connecting them to the nearest local center’s recovery support groups and to free online recovery courses we offer to men and women.

By setting the captives free we are breaking the chains of the spirit of BAAL and robbing the demon of Molech of one once chained to Satan.

4. Training, encouraging and promoting the local center(STRENGTHENING & TRAINING THE LOCAL CENTER)

We have created five unique and Powerful training courses designed to equip and strengthen the local center staff.

We offer 7 unique sets of services that support the local center with both free and low-cost support services resources and links.


The Methods of Last Harvest-the based on “serving” others.

We serve the pregnant mother to win the baby in her womb.

We serve the hurting with hope and encouragement to win the right to minister Jesus to them.

We serve the local center with many free services as our way of caring for and helping them.

We serve our huge online community with diligent daily devotionals each week. The Bible says to be great in the kingdom of God, we must be a servant to all.

The Messages of Last Harvest – The Outreach is profoundly simple, straightforward and powerful.

To the pregnant;

You don’t have to abort: Pregnancy is not the problem and abortion is not the answer. Pregnancy is only temporary. Abortion is forever.

For the hurting, broken and wounded

You don’t have to hurt…Someone Cares and No matter who you are, what you have done, or what’s been done to you: God’s love is greater still.

For the Centers:

Keep up the good work you are doing, you are making a difference and the other side just can’t stand it.

the visitors to our devotionals:

God loves you more than you want to be loved. God loves you more than you want to be loved. Let HIM love you.

For thirty-six years, Last Harvest – The Outreach has been on a journey of hope, a quest for hope in a dying world.

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Without you, all that we do will cease to exist. Without your caring support each week, each month or each year we cannot continue except by the grace of God. We need you!

We pray you are blessed by being here. Join us now!
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