The Journey of a Lifetime


This is a documented autobiographical look at the living history of Last Harvest – The Outreach. As you review our history, you will clearly see that the calling on our ordained Pastor who God used to pioneer to chart a path that many have followed through the years.

1. Launched “Christ Fellowship” in 1978 – a small Bible study group of hungry fellow Christians and a tape lending library of Bible Study audio tapes.

2. Co-Launched “Calvary Chapel of Dallas” in 1980 with Bill and Cathy Philipp; led worship for the church.

3. Launched “The Promise Radio Show” in Plano, Tx Sept. 1984.

4. Incorporated as Last Harvest Ministries Inc. Oct.1984.

5. April of 1985 opened the “Dallas Crisis Pregnancy Center” as a sonogram-based alternative to abortion located next door to an abortion clinic.

6. Was attacked by NARAL NY and ABC TV “West 57th TV” and called a “FAKE BOGUS CLINIC” on national TV. Lost our space and funding by Dec. 1986

7. Jan. 1987: Appeared as a guest on PTL TV with Jim Bakker Show. Watched as 18,000 women asked for help after their abortions.

8. Summer 1987: Wrote “Healing the Hurts of Abortion” after answering 6,000 phone calls between Feb 1987 and May 1987. Book was initially printed for the first support group in Oct. 1987.

9. Conducted First support group: Oct. 1987 for 13 women and 5 men. This model of recovery introduced the concept of a “Memorial for the Unborn.”

10. Oct. 1988 held the first regional training “BASICS OF EFFECTIVE RECOVERY LEADERSHIP” for 80 people from five states in Dallas, Tx.

11. Launched in 1985, the radio show “Abortion Awareness in Action” began to expand first through Marlon Maddox’s USA Network and then through Bob Larsen’s IBN network. Ultimately, 80 markets carried the show daily.

12. February 1987 toured Israel and Jordan with a tour made up of 33 religious broadcasters. Dr. Wilke and I were the only pro-life broadcasters on that trip. Had the opportunity to lead prayer at the opening of the tomb and to record the Beatitudes unamplified with a man standing at the waters edge reading from Matthew while we were at the top of the mountain with a recorder running. That was a unique experience that confirmed that a speaker could be heard because of the natural amplifier the water and curved land-side created.

13. 1988-1996 conducted 100 regional training events in 25 states reaching 2500 pregnancy center leaders with abortion abortion training.

14. 1992 appeared on “Pastor to Pastor with Bill London” for Focus on the Family and had the opportunity to pray with Sydna Masse, then the pregnancy center director of Focus on the Family before she began her after abortion outreach. This was also when I had the opportunity to minister to Joan her assistant over her need for healing.

15. 1993 was part of a team of 33 pro-life pregnancy related leaders that met with Focus on the Family to plan the first Pregnancy Center Meetings at Focus on the Family.

16. 1993 wrote/published “FREE ME TO LIVE” as an expanded amplified extended model of recovery based on being gender and issue neutral – a whole person approach to Bibilcal recovery.

17. 1993 April Received a six figure miracle gift that allowed the ministry to purchase and build a Christian Recovery Safe House facility in Marshall Tx.

18. 1994 created the first website for the ministry “” which grew over three years to 10,000 visitors; included a directory of 1000 centers.

19. 1997 Lost my website to a Chinese company. Started rebuilding and launched the first database driven directory for center referrals online. Because of the sites I created, others started asking for our help and this became a tent-making enterprise to allow the ministry to continue without having to pay me a salary.

20. 1999 Began hosting websites for others. After creating over 40 websites for the ministry and businesses asking for my help, started hosting websites.

Ten Year Dark Period:

21. 1997 -2007 Silenced the ministry while care-taking my family. After a ten year dark period during which I lost virtually all income from donors, lost my only sister after care-taking her during her bi-polar/schizoid battle after seven years, and faced a three year battle in court over the sexual abuse of one my ‘second’ grandson, Isaiah, born to and abandoned by my youngest daughter whom we have lost all contact with. Following the court battle, she terminated her rights and we proceeded with the adoption of our grandson, who is today in High School. He is our upcoming track star already approaching school records as a Sophomore.

New Beginning:

in May of 2007, I began serving others again. Almost like starting over, I began editing our older sites and building new ones. I also launched a telephone outreach to reconnect with pregnancy centers nationally.

22. 2008 Launched a weekly advisory report to rebuild relationships with today’s pregnancy directors. We currently serve/minister to/ and refer to over 800 directors weekly.

23. 2010 Launched Last Harvest Fellowship with six friends and have watched the traffic grow to where it is today. Since May 2012 until April 2013, 167,750 plus visitors. We average 50-100 visitors a day to the Bible Study site.

24. 2011 Rebuilt CPCLink into FindPregnancyHelp, launched to bring awareness to funding for centers.

25. 2012 Attended CareNet in Dallas, TX and reconnected with hundreds of center directors by telephone in an effort to rebuild our database of centers.

26. 2013 Launch of and exhibited at HeartBeat International, Dallas, Tx. was launched in 2014 and served to help about 50 organizations. More modern services came along and My-Donations and My-EZFundRaiser was shut down in 2016.

27. 2013 Revised many of our sites to mobile ready responsive sites. Since 1994 when the first site was built, the ministry now runs a network of 45 websites and social media platforms. Most are fully responsive to any size device.

28. 2014 to be added: pray with us for a major renewal of partners who will stand with us in these later years.

29. 2014-current: Due to lack of support, the 501 (C)(3) is being dissolved. Last Harvest – The Outreach has reopened as a for-profit Christian membership organization.


1. 2015 Created online training for men and online recovery course for men. The new focus on Men helping men and serving the unserved community of abortion’s victims, I believe is the next wave of services that will sweep the nation. Like pregnancy centers offering pregnancy testing which started in the early 80’s and today is a standard within centers, men serving men is going to be the same! The need is real. Today’s center leadership are beginning to catch the vision.

2.2016: Completely renovated into a full on-demand worship playlist of eleven hours of unbroken worship, plus complete archives of, and for center staff, board members, even clients.

3.2017 A brand new radio PSA series offering one year of daily spots to stations and networks free of charge. This PSA is going to provide hope to the hopeless of our nation.
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4. Launched a new announcement of new support services for centers. Learn More!

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