You,Too, Can Help Save Babies from Abortion

Last Harvest’s Partnership with 1,299 Pregnancy Centers in the U.S.A., Canada and South Africa help us drive the pregnant abortion-determined women to the closest pregnancy center able to serve them with Life-Changing counseling and free medical services. Unlike Planned Parenthood whose core service is abortion, our core service is free referrals to 1,295 pregnancy centers in order to save the unborn from abortion! We use Considering Abortion? to reach thousands of abortion-minded pregnant young women and Contribute Life! which is tied to our Advocates of Life site for donors wanting to support a local center. Additionally, women learn of these sites through UnPlanned Pregnancy website.

As a result, we can calculate precisely how many dollars are needed to rescue each baby from the Spirit of BAAL.

Right now, for every contribution, an amount of $100. you can save 25 babies from abortion. For a contribution of $500, you can save 500 babies every month!

Your contribution to Last Harvest-The Outreach helps us reach more and more abortion-determined women by partnering with 1,293 local pregnancy centers, so that their unborn babies might be saved and live to make their mark in the world and to slap Satan in the face.

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By ministering life and hope to the mother, we save an average 800 unborn children a week simply by partnering with pregnancy centers across the United States and Canada!

Since starting this online in 1994, we have processed over 9.7 million click-thrus to our member centers. Amazingly, we served 3.5 million last year alone!


As the founding father of after-abortion recovery in this nation, help us set more men and women free from the chains of the Spirit of BAAL! Men and women find help or training at After Abortion Training and Over 5,000 have used our online while 8,000 used our

We break the back of BAAL and MOLOCH, by setting the captives free of hurts of all sorts of life-dominating problems including:

Abortion(s), rape, incest, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse, spiritual abuse, ritual abuse, rejection and shame.

No matter who you are, what you have done or what’s been done to you: God’s Love is greater still! 24,592 women and 7,535 men have accessed our online recovery support.

Make a Contribution Today! Save a Baby Today!


Men, women, youth, volunteers, board of directors, client service directors and executive directors can use our online courses at Advance Center Training, where we have been able to verify, 24,592 visitors to the women’s course and 7,535 men have visited the men’s course while more than 3,500 center staff have been trained using our low cost training.

You can help us by adding any or all of our links to your own website or social media platform. You can make a contribution of $100 to help five people discover hope from their painful past. A contribution of $500 will help set 25 people free. A contribution of $1000 will set 50 people free!

Make a contribution today! Make a difference in someone’s life!
and if you will download this pdf book called MY DIVINE ENCOUNTERS, You will allow Last Harvest to make a difference in your life!

You can make a difference with a contribution of just $100 to help five people be set free from their deep painful memories. A contribution of $500 will help twenty five find help. A contribution will help fifty people find help.
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Today, we provide low-cost, unique and proven advisory support in a number of center management areas. Helping center’s to do their job better with very affordable, low cost support. Pastor Ken is also available to speak at center’s annual banquets, training events and church’s that want to be inspired to reach more in their community. Our Advance Center Training site allows us to train Board of directors, Executive directors, Client service directors, Volunteers and Church Ambassadors and After Abortion Training serves their men wanting to help men recover and women wanting to help women recover. Learn More at CENTER SUPPORT

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Across this nation alone, millions of men and women are living hopeless, unfulfilled lives. While I was in prison (*110 DAYS OF 2016) (**the result of slapping Satan in the face for 35 years) I wrote 350 one minute devotionals I today call A QUEST FOR HOPE! Thousands are today viewing, listening to and reading my daily devotionals that are shared daily to multiple Facebook and LinkedIn social media platforms.

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This DAILY DEVOTIONAL is now available online. Later this year, a public service radio announcement based on these devotionals are planned, called, A WORD OF HOPE, is going to reach the hurting world with a fresh dose of hope direct from God’s Word!

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Learn Last Harvest the Outreach’s LIVING HISTORY!

View Last Harvest-The Outreach’s Our MISSION – METHODS – MESSAGE and then “OUR LIVING HISTORY” Last Harvest – The Outreach reaches the world with visitors from more than 126 nations. Our four-part mission addresses four major outreach home mission programs.

Our purpose is saving and enhancing life while equipping and partnering with 1,299 centers nationally. The international ministry of Last Harvest-The Outreach has operated for thirty-one (35) years saving an average 800 unborn children a week through the online referrals at where at least 50% birth their baby.. The after abortion recovery outreach has served over 48,000 individuals with Christian recovery support through and since our publishing start in 1987.