How can you make a difference in your world? Most people have an innate desire to do something with their life to really make a difference in the world. Few truly make such a difference. Not all of us are a Mother Theresa or a doctor that discovers a cure. But, we all can make a huge difference by partnering together. The story in the Bible of the widow’s mite is encouraging to all of us to remember that even a tiny gift that comes from your heart can make a huge difference.

When you sow a seed into Last Harvest – The Outreach, you are not doing it to get something in return. We don’t sell you the opportunity to make a difference. It is when you choose to make a difference by partnering even the smallest amount into a mission like Last Harvest. Why? Because those who partner with us are now helping save thousands of unborn children, set thousands of captives free and be a valued partner in the kingdom-building outreach of Bible study and prayer! Together, we will make a difference!

Here’s what you can do to really make a difference right now!

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Thank you in advance! Every non-deductible contribution provided to this mission helps us keep the hope alive to nearly 3 million every year. Make a huge difference by partnering with Last Harvest – The Outreach!

Last Harvest – The Outreach!
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