Last Harvest-the Outreach’s primary core mission is evangelism: SHARING THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST!. In Mark 16:15 Jesus said, “15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Our Evangelistic mission is founded on doing all we do for the glory of God. Our specific programs are designed to engage and connect individuals listening late at night on radio stations across the United States seeking to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through powerful nuggets of hope, prayer, personal encouragement and Christian fellowship.
Last Harvest-The Outreach was founded in 1984 with the statement of purpose that was written on our I.R.S. application.

When Ken Speaks, things happen!

78 Washed in the Blood of Jesus in Longview Tx

Miracle in Longview!

On Wednesday before this Sunday, I went to an Ear Eyes Nose doctor because for two weeks my ear had been stopped up and was throbbing in pain. He examined my ear, went through my nose with a tube camera and told me had a bad infection with red lines moving up my forehead. He immediately wanted to put me in the hospital for a cat scan and possible surgery. I told him I had no insurance. Thus, he wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and had me sign a release that if I died in my sleep that I would release him from all liability.
I went home worried. Went to the pharmacy only to discover each pill cost $100. I bought 1 pill. I prayed for several hours feeling like every prayer was bouncing off the ceiling. Then, fighting sleep, I remembered to pray for someone else. So I began praying for others who needed God’s healing and salvation. This led to a sense of “gurgle-gurgle” as if my infection was speading. I didn’t know if I was going to die or live, but fell asleep about midnight.
The next morning, my ear didn’t hurt but was stopped up. Went to the doctor again, and he looked. Amazed he said: “What ever you did last night keep it up. I have never seen an infection as bad as you had yesterday turn around and look like this.” This happened on Thursday. On Friday, my daughter, Kerry, went into labor, thus we spent the night in Grand Prairie at the birthing center. She came home late Saturday afternoon. Sunday morning I traveled to Longview, Tx to speak at a local church.
My ear was not hurting or swollen, but was still stopped up. Thus, sitting on the front row with the Pastor and his wife, the praise team were singing. This was a non-denominational church that had purchased an old Baptist church. Thus, above the praise team was a painted picture of the Jordan River behind the glass baptistry. As they sang the closing song, “O the Blood of Jesus!,” I saw the green water turn red and saw blood flowing over the the glass and down upon the singers and now as it hit me, my ear popped open. I was stunned. The pastor introduced me and I stepped up to the altar with my 3 pages of notes. God blinded my eyes and all I could do is tell them about the blood that I had seen. I spoke about the Seven Effects of the Blood of Jesus! I offered an invitation for any who wanted to be washed in this blood. Seventy eight came forward for prayer!

85 filled with laughter during a memorial service

Traveling to North Augusta South Carolina had an amazing service!

Directors and staff from nearby state-based pregnancy centers attended. With eighty-five (85) men and women in the room, toward the end of the service, one lady broke down at the altar.

Two ladies went forward to help her stand rather than collapse. They gave her the verse that “joy comes in the morning.” Suddenly, she started laughing uncontrollably. The entire room broke into laughter, crying, weeping, praying, and the laughter lasted ninety minutes. I lost control of the service and God took over. People were healed. Marriages were restored. One center volunteer who later became the director, was so touched that that center tithed to Last Harvest Ministries for the following fifteen years!

Satanic Warlock Defeated in Houston

Spiritual Warfare in Houston

I was conducting a recovery training course in south Houston Church. In attendance, was a young man who turned out to be a satanic warlock of a coven of thirty-two members. As I was teaching, it was as if there was an invisable wall between me and the people in room. I stopped the session and asked that we pray. This young man stood lifting his 3-ring book of covens praying to Satan. I walked over to him, and used my Bible like the Sword that it is, and he was thrown face down on a stone floor. Five men helped me work with him as he laid there squirming like a snake, growling and screaming. I took authority over that demon spirit and commanded it to leave this young man. When he woke up, he was free of his nervous “tics” and wondered where he was/who we were. He sat through the rest of the training and Sunday, attended that church and gave his life to Jesus!

150 women join the FREE ME TO LIVE course

Pampa Texas will never be the same!

A local pastor had invited me out after he had learned about the course, FREE ME TO LIVE. He had taught for six weeks the key principles found in the book. He invited me out to end the course giving them a message of hope. He mentioned that a few ladies had been going through the course with his wife, and wanted to know if I could lead them through a memorial service. Thus on that Saturday I worked with them through their Stones and Balloons exercies. Then that evening we held the memorial service. One woman in the room was very tense and worried. The pastor’s wife brought another pastor’s wife and when they broke and shared their pain, the others in the room opened up. Turns out this one woman had been married to a very abusive drug user. He escaped prison and broke into her house. Over the years he was in prison, she had divorced him and remarried. Now, she had a small 9 month old baby.

Six months before this recovery weekend, she had seen her husband off to work, and returned to her bedroom. He had been hiding in her closet. He beat her and raped her, then took her and the baby and her car out to the park, where he stripped off all her clothes, raped and sodomized her. Leaving her there nude, he drove off in the car with her baby. A police officer picked her up, covered her and took her home, but she could not go back in. For six months, they have lived with her mother because she could not face her home again nor be with her husband because of all her shame.

After the memorial service, she left and went to a Christian bookstore, bought a Bible and drove to the prison to tell her ex-husband that she forgave him. She and her husband went home to their house and spent the night in there bedroom.
They walked into church looking like newly-weds. I was going to speak about the course, but God have me invite them up to share their testimony. The result: 150 women in the church asked to join the FREE ME TO LIVE course taught by the pastor’s wife. A true miracle!


A Church in South Chicago finds Jesus!

Fifty-four people attended this meeting. Thirty-five were men and women from the church’s half-way house for former criminals and drug users. When you think of it, most of the people there did not want to hear the message from this white cracker standing at the altar.

To make matters worse, the pastor of the men’s half-way house was there with his wife. He came up to me during the service, asking if God could heal him. Turns out, he was addicted to crack and did not think he could ever be free. He told me his wife, his pastor nor the men in the house knew his addiction. I asked him to pray to answer the question Jesus asked his disciples thirteen times: “Do you believe He is able?”

By the time this service was over, with no one really “getting it,” I was ready to go back to Dallas, feeling this weekend had been a real bust. My prayer during the service was simply: “Lord break through their heard hearts.” I went up to the altar to close the baby casket used to represent the grave. As I stood there, I thought about going back to Dallas. I closed the casket and said: “This is last day of your old life and the first day of your new life in Christ.”

Suddenly, every person in the room were slain in the Spirit. The result: six men were delivered of drugs, a woman healed of ovarian cancer, a couple’s marriage was healed and all fifty-four sat, laid down and sang worship till 1:30 am the next morning.


May 16, 2016 was a day in infamy for me

This is the day, following nearly four years of scam after scam robbing me of literally $72,000! This scam had robbed and compromised four banks and four online merchant accounts: Paypal, Stripe and Quickbooks Online! The scam started as a man who had for over a year listening to my Bible studies on https://lastharvestfellowship.com, which has since been removed from the web. However, after many emails, chats and calls, this man asked me if I would like to have his son’s motorcycle. You see, they had bought their son a new Honda CR1000 six months before his death during the ensuing Iraq Civil war following the Islamic uprising of 2014. It was too devastating for his wife to have the bike shipped back to their home in Arizona. Thus, they wanted to donate it to Last Harvest. However, since the bike was at the U.S. base in Sri Lanka, he needed help getting the bike over to me. At first, everything was above board and when I researched everything appeared to be above board. However, when the bike reached Nigeria, everything turned dark.

Bogus cashiers checks, fraudulent deposits, fake checks mailed to six states claiming they were from my web company in Garland Tx (for $2895 each) to men on a dating site trying to help a young woman in Nigeria escape. She claimed she had done work for me and had this check but could not cash it in Nigeria. Two fake websites asked for my help costing me my merchant accounts. So I ran through four banks trying to escape the scam. Meantime, I was demanding the man to pay me back for all I had lost. He introduced me to another man who he claimed was a wealthy businessman in Hawaii. All I know is finally May 14, 2016 I received $30,000 from the man with the promise he would pay me the balance the next day. However, that is when hell unleashed its major attack against me.

I was arrested for ‘accepting’ the $30,000 which turns out was stolen from the city manager of Bonham, TX. I went in and asked for a Bible. This led to eight men accepting Jesus and ending drug use, even attending chapel with me. But, without knowing it this is why the lieutenant became very angry with me. I learned later he was the drug provider within the prison. The stewards were his mules. He mounted seventeen malicious charges including 3 rape charges, said I was a self-admited drug pusher and drug user, claimed I was a murderer and on and on. My required 10 years quickly expanded to 110 years!

During the last six weeks in prison, I was in a single cell. In this cell, I prayed, listened and wrote 350 devotionals that became https://aquestforhope.com/. Like Paul and Silas, I also sang worship to the LORD: 2nd Samuel 22:1-3 was my nightly worship. One night, a voice came over the vent (prison intercom): “Where did you get that? I have never heard that?” I said:”It’s in 2nd Samuel 22:1-3.” He said: “Is that in the Bible?” I said: “Sure is!” Next day, the morning guard came by my cell: “Freeman, what were you doing last night?” I said: “Worshipping the LORD like every night.” He said, “I don’t know. I just got to my desk and there were 100 orders for Bibles throughout the jail.” I cried a thank you out to the LORD. Then, coming up to the time they are about to ship me to a state pen, to remain in a single cell with no food, just bread and water so I would die in prison. That day was to be Friday. On Thursday, the cell opened at 6am. I was called to court thinking I am about to be shipped out. The judge released me on a bond. Then the grand Jury met and because there was no evidence, NO BILLED me! I was released on the 110th day, not 10 years nor 110 years! This was a miracle in Bonham, TX.

Our original purpose statement:

“promulgate the gospel of Jesus Christ through teaching and preaching, worship, singing, printing and publishing and other electronic media to provide practical hope and help to a pregnant woman and care to those who have been hurt”

This mission is based on Galatians 6:1-2: “6 Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such an one in the spirit of meekness; considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted. 2 Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”


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