About US: Last Harvest the Outreach

Last Harvest-the Outreach is a caring Christian organization. (See our Statement of Faith) The outreach is based in Texas. Discover about us that our online reach spans the world with contacts from more than 126 nations and services approximately 1,000 pregnancy centers nationwide and in Canada. Last Harvest – The Outreach is now under the management leadership of Nyle Davis.

to strengthen, bless, serve, equip, train, inspire,
& pray for the local pregnancy center.
Together, we save the unborn & set the captives free!

Our four-part mission addresses the following four major outreach home mission programs: The Outreach birthed this ministry in 1984. It first started as a sonogram-based pregnancy center next door to an abortion clinic in Dallas, TX. An appearance on PTL Jan.22, 1987, brought 18,000 requests for help after abortion. Learn More!

After authoring three books, a complete training manual, over three dozen brochures, and fifty websites along with two-thousand radio shows and appearing on over 200 television shows, The Outreach trained over 2,500 directors in 22 states on how to help the after abortion client.

Today, Last Harvest-The Outreach serves thousands by answering emails generated by the Outreach websites. Join our team to keep this mission strong.

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Here’s how we are making a difference!

a. Pre Abortion Intervention in order to save unborn children threatened by abortion by engaging and connecting with the abortion-minded woman. (Learn More!)

b. Post-Abortion Recovery Support by engaging and connecting with the hurting women, man or extended family member who may be emotionally or spiritually damaged by the abortion or related events. (Learn More!)

c. CenterSupport
Today, we offer five key support products designed to help center directors wuth management support. (Learn More!)

d. Evangelistic Outreach by engaging and connecting to individuals seeking to grow in the grace and knowledge of the a daily devotional called “A WORD OF HOPE” (Learn More!)

e. Questions about Last Harvest – The Outreach We know online visitors may have different questions about the organization. We welcome your comment or question or view our “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT LAST HARVEST – THE OUTREACH!”